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MariaDB Server to Become Default Database in cPanel


Good news for web hosting enthusiasts! cPanel, one of the leading control panels in the hosting world, has just made a significant announcement: MariaDB Server will become the default database for new installations of cPanel starting with version 122 of cPanel & WHM. This change is expected to roll out in Q3 of 2024.

Why the Switch?

The decision to adopt MariaDB as the default database stems from several compelling reasons:

  1. Overall Stability: MariaDB has proven to be a robust and stable database management system. Its track record in handling critical workloads makes it an excellent choice for hosting environments.
  2. Performance: MariaDB offers impressive performance enhancements over its predecessor, MySQL. Faster query execution and optimized resource utilization contribute to a smoother hosting experience.
  3. Long-Term Support: MariaDB Foundation’s commitment to long-term support aligns perfectly with cPanel’s goal of providing reliable solutions to hosting providers and website owners.

A Collaborative Effort

cPanel’s collaboration with the MariaDB Foundation underscores their shared values and commitment to serving the hosting community. By making MariaDB the default choice, both parties aim to enhance the overall hosting ecosystem.

What About MySQL?

Fear not! While new cPanel installations will utilize MariaDB by default, existing installations running MySQL will remain unchanged. Furthermore, even new users will have the option to elect MySQL if they prefer it. cPanel’s support for MySQL isn’t going away; this change simply reflects the evolution of technology and the desire to provide the best possible hosting experience.

Smooth Transition Ahead

By announcing this transition well in advance, cPanel ensures a smooth migration process. Hosting providers and system administrators can prepare for the shift, and users can rest assured that their existing setups won’t be disrupted.

In summary, the alignment between cPanel and MariaDB is a strategic move that benefits the entire hosting community. As we eagerly await the release of cPanel & WHM v122, let’s raise a virtual toast to the future of reliable, high-performance hosting powered by MariaDB!

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed documentation as we approach the exciting launch.


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