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InMotion reseller hosting vs Tremhost Reseller Hosting


Here’s a comparison between InMotion Reseller Hosting and Tremhost Reseller Hosting:

Tremhost Reseller Hosting offers a range of hosting plans with different prices and features. Each includes cPanel account access and varies in SSD storage space, bandwidth, and additional features.

Plan Details:

  1. Reseller 1: $5/month, 7 cPanel Accounts, 25GB SSD Storage, 25GB Bandwidth
  2. Reseller 2: $5/month, Unlimited cPanel Accounts, 5GB SSD Storage, 25GB Bandwidth
  3. Reseller 3: $7/month, Unlimited cPanel Accounts, 10GB SSD Storage, 25GB Bandwidth
  4. Reseller 4: $9/month, Unlimited cPanel Accounts, 15GB SSD Storage, 50GB Bandwidth
  5. Reseller 5: $16/month, Unlimited cPanel Accounts, 25GB SSD Storage, 75GB Bandwidth, Free WHMCS
  6. Reseller 6: $22/month, Unlimited cPanel Accounts, 50GB SSD Storage, 100GB Bandwidth, Free WHMCS
  7. Reseller 7: $30/month, Unlimited cPanel Accounts, 100GB SSD Storage, 1,000GB Bandwidth, Free WHMCS
  8. Reseller 8: $35/month, Unlimited cPanel Accounts, 500GB SSD Storage, 10,000GB Bandwidth, Free WHMCS

Notable Features:

  • Tremhost provides the option to resell domain names and set your own price
  • Tremhost uses SSD servers for faster performance
  • Each hosting plan comes with an easy-to-use installer for nearly 450 apps, and allows for multiple PHP versions
  • Reseller hosting plans come with free daily and weekly automated backups
  • Hosting plans come with DDOS protection, as well as WordPress optimization and security features
  • Server hardware is managed by Tremhost

InMotion Reseller Hosting Overview:

InMotion offers four levels of reseller hosting plans with different prices and features. Each plan includes a free WHMCS license and varying levels of NVMe SSD storage, bandwidth, the number of cPanel licenses, and more.

Plan Details:

  1. R-1000N: $13.99/month (sale price), 80GB SSD, 1,000GB Bandwidth, Up to 25 cPanel Licenses
  2. R-2000N: $26.99/month (sale price), 160GB NVMe SSD, 2,000GB Bandwidth, Up to 50 cPanel Licenses
  3. R-3000N: $39.99/month (sale price), 200GB NVMe SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth, Up to 80 cPanel Licenses
  4. R-4000N: $49.99/month (sale price), 300GB NVMe SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth, Up to 100 cPanel Licenses

Notable Features:

  • 90-Day money back guaranteed
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Data Center locations in the US and EU
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Security Suite; Free SSL, Hack & Malware protection, DDoS protection
  • Automatic Backups available
  • Free Dedicated IP Address
  • Includes WHM and cPanel
  • Free Domain Reseller account


Let’s feature some key points of comparison:

  • While Tremhost offers more unlimited cPanel accounts options, InMotion offers up to 100 cPanel licenses but with larger storage and bandwidth capacity.
  • In terms of pricing, Tremhost offers cheaper starting prices. However, the prices of more advanced hosting plans of both services are comparable.
  • Their security features match quite closely, with both companies offering free SSL, DDoS protection, and regular backups.
  • A key difference is that InMotion offers multiple data center locations in the US and EU, while Tremhost does not specify their server locations.
  • InMotion provides phone support which may be of importance to some customers, while Tremhost does not specifically mention this.
  • Both companies provide WHMCS in their advanced plans.
  • Tremhost also offers domain reselling while InMotion also includes a free domain reseller account.

In the end, the decision between InMotion and Tremhost reseller hosting may come down to individual needs for storage, the number of cPanel accounts, server location, support options, and pricing.


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