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Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner: Which One Are You?

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Entrepreneurs and small business owners are two very different types of people. Entrepreneurs are the ones who have to be hands-on in order to make their businesses successful, while small business owners tend to delegate many aspects of their operations. In this post, we’ll look at what these differences mean for your career path and how you can tell if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner.

How do you know if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner?

  • Entrepreneurs are those who have an idea and start a business to make it happen.
  • Small business owners are those who already run their own businesses, but want to expand into new ventures.

Successful entrepreneurs see themselves as a different breed.

Entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success, and they focus on their end goal before anything else.

Entrepreneurs see themselves as a different breed than small business owners because they are more focused on the big picture—the ultimate vision of what they want their company/businesses to become. Entrepreneurs also have higher expectations for themselves and others (such as employees), which can lead them down paths that may be less lucrative than those taken by other types of businesses owners who focus more on day-to-day operations than long-term growth strategies or visions for the future.

Professionals who identify as entrepreneurs tend to live on the cutting edge of the industry in which they operate.

Entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to deliver value. They’re constantly asking themselves, “What can I add? What’s better than what I’m doing now?” And when they find something better and decide to use it, that’s when their business really begins.

Entrepreneurs take risks, but not all chances.

An entrepreneur is someone who takes risks and doesn’t always follow the rules. They are prepared for failure, but not for success. Entrepreneurs have a certain mindset that allows them to take calculated risks in order to succeed at their business.

For example, if you’re an entrepreneur and want to start your own company, don’t go out on a limb just because it seems fun or exciting at the time–you need some experience under your belt first! The only way anyone can successfully run an entire company is by doing so with experience behind them (or having partners). If you haven’t built up any sort of history or reputation within the industry yet then no one will trust what they see as fake news from someone who hasn’t done anything before; they’ll just assume that whatever information comes across their desk must be true since there aren’t any other options available right now!

Entrepreneurs are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success.

Entrepreneurs are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success.

They’re also willing to put in the work, sacrifice and make the hard decisions required for a company or business venture to succeed. A successful entrepreneur is responsible for their actions, which is something that you can learn from when you become one yourself!

Entrepreneurs are focused on their end goal.

Entrepreneurs are focused on their end goal. They have a vision for the future, and they’re not distracted by the day-to-day running of the business. Entrepreneurs are also known for being able to focus on one thing at a time and then move onto another thing once that is complete. This is because entrepreneurs don’t want their time wasted or wasted on something that won’t lead them closer to achieving their goals or dreams!

Just because you’re successful in business, it doesn’t mean you’re an entrepreneur.

If you’re successful in business, it doesn’t mean that you’re an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is about taking risks and being creative. It’s about being passionate about your work and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success.

If this sounds like someone who has been successful enough at something else (like being a job title), then congratulations! You’ve probably got what it takes to be an entrepreneur. But if not, don’t worry—it doesn’t matter whether or not the world thinks of you as one just yet; what matters most is that everyone else does so from now on!


So, to sum it up: if you’re an entrepreneur, you have a dream, and you pursue it with passion. If you’re a small business owner, well…you probably still have a dream, but maybe not one as big as the ones we just discussed. Either way, there are plenty of ways to define yourself!


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