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Cpanel VPS Hosting – India


Tremhost offers managed Cpanel VPS servers with a range of features. Let me break down the details for you:

  1. Managed VPS Hosting with cPanel:
  2. NVME VPS 3 Plan:
    • Dedicated CPU: 4 Cores
    • Dedicated RAM: 8GB
    • SSD Storage: 80GB NVME
    • Bandwidth: 4TB
    • Price: $34.99/mo
  3. SSD VPS Plans:
    • Tremhost also offers SSD VPS plans with varying resources:
      • SSD VPS 1: vCPU 2 Cores, 4GB RAM, 400GB SSD Storage, 32TB Bandwidth
      • SSD VPS 3: vCPU 6 Cores, 16GB RAM, 1600GB SSD Storage, 32TB Bandwidth
  4. Why Choose Tremhost?:
    • Easy Setup & Management: Pay, install, and your VPS server is ready to use.
    • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Ensuring your website/app stays up all the time.
    • Generous Bandwidth: Outgoing and unlimited inbound data transfer.
    • Full Root Access: Take control of your server.
    • 24/7/365 Support: Tremhost provides continuous assistance1.

If you’re looking for reliable managed VPS hosting with cPanel, Tremhost is a great choice!

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