Case Study

Monkey Pox: Could It Be Similar To Covid-19

What Is Monkey Pox?  Monkeypox Is an ongoing outbreak that is similar to small pox and it is believed to have been transmitted to humans from animals. As stated by the Word Health Organization (WHO), the first case of monkey pox was recorded in 1970 and this was in the Republic of Zaire now known as the Republic of Congo/DRC. At first, monkeypox was believed to have occurred only in Central and West Africa. However, the spread of this virus has been increasingly spreading across urban areas and in 2003, the first case recorded outside Africa was in the United […]

Allow Your Business To Standout With Tremhost

More that 10 000 businesses in Zimbabwe are getting their businesses registered online every year and this number is set to increase since the number of businesses  that are digitalizing is increasing year by year and most customers now prefer getting most of their products or services online. As reviewed in the Digital Statshot report in 2021, more that 60% of the global population is now online, meaning this is the right time to set up your business online. What then are the steps that you will need to take to set up your business in the online world? This […]

Is Video Assistant Referee (V.A.R) to Blame In The Game Of Football

According to the oxford dictionary, the word blame means the responsibility for doing something badly or even wrongly. The question that comes from this is should we blame video assistant referee for ruining the game of football. We are all aware of the fact that football has always been a game where the referees calls have been final. However, the introduction of video assistant referee (VAR) has influenced this and has been seen by some as trying to ruin the already perfect game of football. In as much as people might say VAR has had a negative influence on the […]

Short Case Study: Naiza Boom Secret Sauce For Growth

If you are from Zimbabwe or you are outside Zimbabwe and you have: access to Youtube you understand Shona Then you probably watched at least an episode from Naiza Boom. If you haven’t then Naiza Boom still had this article written about them.This is not just an article, it is an in-depth case study that was done in-house by Tremhost Marketing to figure out what makes Naiza Boom tick. Tremhost decided to publish the case study to help marketers, content creators and anyone who wants to learn principles for growth in the internet age. We did the hard work for […]