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Is University Worth the Money? My Experiences With Two Universities

Image Source: FreeImages Before you start applying to schools, you need to have a solid understanding of what it’s like to attend and functions at each one. This will help you make the right decision for yourself. It can be overwhelming when you figure out there are so many great universities in the world. In this article, we explore two university experience stories and how they affect the decision making process. Do your own research and see if attending a particular university is worth it. Colgate University: The Good and the Bad As a member of the NCAA’s Division I, […]

Is Tremhost a Scam?

  There are plenty of companies out there looking to get their hands on your money. These companies release products that may or may not be useful and convince you they’re worth spending your money on. Unfortunately, some of these companies take things a step further by explicitly stating that their product is a scam as a way of drawing in potential customers. Is TremHost one of those companies? Or do we just have an honest competition here? Let’s find out! In this article, we’ll be discussing whether or not the company known as TremHost is a scam, or if […]

My Life As a Single Mom: Abridged

Image Source: Pexels For some of us, life as a single parent is completely new. We don’t know what we’re going to do or where we’re going to live. It can be difficult to adjust to being your own boss and taking care of yourself – especially when you have kids!Right around this time last year, I was in the process of figuring out how I wanted to spend my life. I was ready to make some changes, start a new chapter in my life, and find solace in my true identity. This past February, my baby girl joined me […]

5 Reasons You Need to Use Tremhost for Your Business

Image Source: FreeImages If you’re running a business, you’ve probably thought of a few ways to get your brand out there and increase visibility. While traditional methods like print ads or signage may still be effective, the internet provides a whole new host of possibilities that may not have occurred to you. If you want to expand your company’s reach and visibility, one way to do that is with an online presence. There are many different websites on which you can leave information about your business, but not all are created equal. Some can help your brand stand out while […]

The Truth About Being a Millionaire: Can You Ever Be One?

Image Source: Unsplash Becoming a millionaire is not as hard as you think. It’s just a number, and it’s not that much money in the grand scheme of things. However, being a true millionaire is a different ball game entirely. There are certain criteria and prerequisites that need to be met before you can become a real one million dollar baby. To be fair, there are many people out there who claim to be millionaires when they actually aren’t. Maybe they have assets in the triple figures, but it wouldn’t hurt their finances if they lost all of it tomorrow. […]

Why You’ll Always Be Poor: A must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs

Let’s face it: The economy is tough right now. It isn’t going to get any better in the not-too-distant future, and neither will your startup. So even if you feel like you have everything under control — and here we’ll say we mean you and your business — it’s probably a good thing that you’re not alone in this struggle. Because as much as everyone else seems to be struggling, they are also making the effort to improve their lot. And that means giving up on the old ways of life and taking up a new one. It’s always been […]

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The Ultimate Guide to How To Make A Millionaire In 1 Year

Image Source: Unsplash For some of us who dream of being the very wealthy, creating that elusive elusive fortune is no easy feat. All we can really do is look ahead and see what lies ahead for us. There are so many challenges in our life — from financial worries to growing old — that it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. It’s also become an invaluable resource for those who want to live a more fulfilled life. But even with all the challenges we face today, there’s one thing that seems to have gotten worse over the course of our […]

What Could Happen Ahead of the 2023 Zimbabwe Elections?

This is a submitted guest post and does not represent the views of the owners or stakeholders of this platf0rm In 2023, the country of Zimbabwe will hold its general elections. These elections are expected to be contested by all the political parties in the country. The results of these elections will determine the future of Zimbabwe and its economy. But, before the elections are held, the country must prepare itself for a number of challenges. If the country fails to plan for the elections, the result could be disastrous for its economy. In this article, we’ll discuss the possible […]

5 Tips for Sending Effective Emails For Your Business

It is important to send useful and entertaining emails to your customer base. Your goal should be to make your emails useful, informative, and entertaining, so that your customer base doesn’t think you’re trying to be annoying. Here are a few tips to help you send out effective emails for your business. The content of your emails should also be relevant to your customers. Tremhost If you run a small business, you should consider using Tremhost for your business email. The service is able to deliver fast email and offers a variety of features, including search capabilities. It also has […]

Monkey Pox: Could It Be Similar To Covid-19

What Is Monkey Pox?  Monkeypox Is an ongoing outbreak that is similar to small pox and it is believed to have been transmitted to humans from animals. As stated by the Word Health Organization (WHO), the first case of monkey pox was recorded in 1970 and this was in the Republic of Zaire now known as the Republic of Congo/DRC. At first, monkeypox was believed to have occurred only in Central and West Africa. However, the spread of this virus has been increasingly spreading across urban areas and in 2003, the first case recorded outside Africa was in the United […]