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Can you make a living off of web design alone?


Web design is a great way to make money, but it’s not the only way. There are many other jobs that you can do as a designer and earn extra cash on top of your day job. If you’re interested in starting your own company or freelancing for other companies, this guide will help give you some ideas on how to get started!

It depends.

It depends.

The answer is a lot of things, but here are some of the factors that make it less likely:

  • The city you live in. If you live in a city with a high population density, then there will be more people who can afford to hire someone like yourself. That’s because if people are willing to pay for your services, then they’ll also have time and money available for other jobs as well (like buying food or going out). In contrast, if you live in an area where there aren’t many people looking for web designers or developers—or even any at all!—then it might not be worth investing your time into this type of work just yet because there won’t be enough demand from clients looking for someone skilled enough on these platforms; meanwhile someone else might offer less pay but might still do what needs done right away without having trouble finding customers first before finding ways around any issues encountered during production stages (which could lead back down another path altogether).

If you’re in a big city, it’s easier.

If you’re in a big city, it’s easier.

If you’re working in New York City, for example, there are hundreds of designers who can help with your web design needs. That means that if one designer doesn’t have what you need or can’t do what they said they would do (or worse: lies about their portfolio), there will be another one available soon after the first one falls through.

And since we live in an age where everything is done online these days (and most people need websites), it makes sense that more people would want their websites designed by someone other than themselves—especially if they have no experience with web design whatsoever! That’s why no matter where anyone lives around here or what industry they work in (iPod manufacturing might not seem like an obvious choice but trust me) there are always going to be plenty of jobs out there waiting for them based solely on the fact that everyone needs new sites now more than ever before due simply because so many people use them every day now instead of just once every few months before moving onto something else completely different next time around…

If you’re in a small city or town, it’s harder.

If you’re in a small city or town, it’s harder. There are fewer clients and web designers. The competition is stiffer.

Start your own company

Starting your own company can be a great way to make money, but it’s not for everyone. There are some downsides to starting a business, such as the time and effort involved in finding clients, building relationships with them and maintaining those relationships over time.

There are also benefits: if you’re passionate about what you do and enjoy working with people, then starting a company might be right for you! We’ve put together some tips on how to find clients that will pay well—and keep paying well—as well as examples of successful companies so that anyone interested in starting their own business knows what they need to consider before diving in headfirst.

Freelance for other companies

There are a few different ways to make money as a web designer. Some companies will hire you full time and pay you an hourly rate, while others may offer flexible hours or remote work opportunities (like freelancing). You’ll have more control over your career if you work for another company—you can choose which clients get the most attention, or even try out different industries if they’re interested in hiring your services.

You may want to consider taking on additional jobs to supplement your income if you plan on being a web designer by yourself.

You may want to consider taking on additional jobs to supplement your income if you plan on being a web designer by yourself. The more experience you have, the more money you can charge for your services. If it’s not possible for one person in their 20s or 30s (or even 40s) with no previous experience working as a web designer or developer, then chances are good that they will have to do other things outside of their field of expertise in order to make ends meet.

If this is something that makes sense for them — and having both “day jobs” and freelance work can be difficult — then great! But if not: keep an eye out for opportunities where someone else needs help with their own site or app project but doesn’t know anything about coding themselves.


As you can see, there are many aspects to web design that play into the ability to make a living off of it alone. It’s not always easy or cheap to start your own company, but if you really want this as a career path then it’s worth looking into!


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