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Benefits of Using Weebly on Tremhost for free


Certainly, using Weebly on Tremhost for free brings a number of benefits including:

  1. Free Plan: Weebly, with Tremhost, offers a free package which includes hosting. This makes it cost-effective, especially for starters.
  2. Use of the Drag-and-Drop Builder: Weebly’s simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to design and build a website easily without needing to know coding.
  3. Selection of Templates: There’s a broad set of themes for different industries which are mobile-responsive and customizable.
  4. SEO Benefits: Basic SEO guides are provided even under the free plan. This can help you structure your site in a way that is favorable to search engines.
  5. Inbuilt Analytics Tool: Weebly provides a simple and easy to understand analytics dashboard even in its free plan.
  6. SSL Security: Even on the free plan, Weebly provides an SSL certificate which ensures your website traffic is secure.

While Weebly’s free plan on Tremhost offers these benefits, please note that some features may be limited. Upgrading to a paid plan will offer you advanced analytics, eCommerce capabilities and increased storage among other benefits.


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