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A Comparison of Unbox Therapy, MKBHD, and MrWhoseistheboss: Three Different YouTube Creators


In the vast world of YouTube creators, three channels stand out in the arena of technology reviews and insights: Unbox Therapy, Marques Brownlee’s MKBHD, and Mrwhosetheboss. While these YouTubers focus on a similar niche, their style and approach set them apart from each other. Let’s delve into how each channel presents unique content to their audience while focusing on the same general topic-technology.

Unbox Therapy

Established by Lewis Hilsenteger and Jack McCann in December 2010, Unbox Therapy provides a unique mix of gadget unboxings, device reviews, and tech insights. With a casual and entertaining approach, Lewis’s charismatic personality truly shines through the content.

  • Style & Unique Selling Point: The channel is distinguished by its laid-back style and amusing unboxing experiences. Lewis breaks down even the most complex technology into easily understandable components, making his content appealing for a wide audience spectrum.
  • Content: Unbox Therapy’s content range is diverse, from reviewing latest smartphones, everyday tech to some wacky gadgets.
  • Community Interaction: The viewer interaction through comments is substantial, with Lewis occasionally putting viewers’ recommendations into action.

Marques Brownlee (MKBHD)

Marques Brownlee’s MKBHD, is often hailed as the ‘best technology reviewer on the planet.’ Established in January 2009, its name breaks down into MKB (Marques K. Brownlee) plus HD (High Definition), signaling his commitment to high-quality production from the very beginning.

  • Style & Unique Selling Point: Noted for his detailed visual content, calm demeanor, and precise diction, Marques provides highly technical yet digestible insights into technology. He has a knack for simplifying complex tech jargons.
  • Content: Marques reviews premium and trending tech products, gives tech advice, and shares in-depth analyses on new technology developments.
  • Community Interaction: He often seeks viewer’s opinion and includes their responses in videos, which adds to the interactive experience.


Mrwhosetheboss, or Arun Maini, started his channel in April 2011. The channel’s eccentric name is hooked on the idea that “with technology, you’re empowered to become anyone you want to be.”

  • Style & Unique Selling Point: Arun’s energetic disposition and intense passion for technology are key features of his channel. His videos are meticulously planned and his remarkable editing skills make for visually impactful content.
  • Content: Besides gadget reviews, he also explains tech concepts, compare various tech products, and provide viewers with tech tips and tricks.
  • Community Interaction: Arun regularly engages with his audience through Q&A videos and often creates content based on viewer’s feedback and suggestions.

To conclude, while Unbox Therapy, MKBHD, and Mrwhosetheboss all cater to technology enthusiasts, their distinctive style and presentation format allow for a diverse and rich user experience. Whether it’s the humorous quips of Unbox Therapy, the polished precision of MKBHD, or the earnest enthusiasm of Mrwhosetheboss, they each cater creatively to the growing demand for technology content on YouTube.


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