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100 things to do in your 20s


Here’s a list of 100 things you can consider doing in your 20s:

  • Travel to a foreign country.
    Learn a new language.
    Volunteer for a cause you care about.
    Start a regular exercise routine.
    Take a cooking class.
    Read a classic novel.
    Attend a music festival.
    Try a new sport or outdoor activity.
    Take up photography.
    Learn to play a musical instrument.
    Start a blog or YouTube channel.
    Go camping in the wilderness.
    Take a road trip with friends.
    Learn to code or develop a new technical skill.
    Attend a TEDx event or conference.
    Take a dance class.
    Join a book club.
    Learn to meditate or practice mindfulness.
    Go skydiving or try an adrenaline-pumping activity.
    Take a weekend getaway to a nearby city.
    Learn to swim or improve your swimming skills.
    Start a savings plan or investment portfolio.
    Volunteer abroad.
    Learn to surf, ski, or snowboard.
    Attend a live theater performance.
    Try a new hobby or craft, like painting or knitting.
    Take a road trip along a scenic route.
    Learn to do basic car maintenance.
    Explore your family history and genealogy.
    Attend a music concert of your favorite artist.
    Take a yoga or Pilates class.
    Learn to make cocktails or become a home barista.
    Take a self-defense or martial arts class.
    Visit a museum or art gallery.
    Learn about personal finance and budgeting.
    Go on a hiking or trekking adventure.
    Learn to write poetry or short stories.
    Take a wine or beer tasting tour.
    Start a small business or side hustle.
    Attend a professional networking event.
    Volunteer at a local shelter or community center.
    Go on a solo trip to challenge yourself.
    Take a public speaking or communication course.
    Try a new cuisine or restaurant.
    Learn to garden or grow your own herbs.
    Take a fashion styling or makeup class.
    Learn to play chess or participate in a local chess club.
    Attend a personal development workshop or seminar.
    Visit a national park or natural landmark.
    Learn to knit or crochet.
    Take a wine or painting class.
    Start a journal or blog to document your experiences.
    Learn to do DIY home improvement projects.
    Attend a comedy show or open mic night.
    Take a creative writing or poetry workshop.
    Learn to invest in the stock market.
    Join a sports league or recreational team.
    Attend a film festival or movie marathon.
    Learn to do basic car repairs or maintenance.
    Take a wilderness survival course.
    Explore a new hobby, such as rock climbing or pottery.
    Attend a personal finance or investment seminar.
    Learn to make your own jewelry or accessories.
    Take a class on personal branding or social media marketing.
    Visit a historical landmark or cultural site.
    Learn to do basic home cooking or baking.
    Take a bartending or mixology course.
    Learn to do basic first aid and CPR.
    Attend a spiritual or meditation retreat.
    Participate in a charity run or marathon.
    Learn to do basic sewing or clothing alterations.
    Take a class on negotiation or conflict resolution.
    Explore different genres of music or attend a music festival.
    Learn to do basic woodworking or carpentry.
    Take a sailing or boating course.
    Attend a personal growth or leadership conference.
    Learn to do basic bike repairs or maintenance.
    Join a community theater group or improv class.
    Take a class on personal styling or fashion design.
    Learn to do basic home gardening or grow your own food.
    Attend a motivational speaker event.
    Learn to do basic electrical or plumbing repairs.
    Take a course on personal wellness or stress management.
    Volunteer at a local school or educational program.
    Attend a photography or art exhibition.
    Learn to do basic computer programming or web development.
    Take a class on personal productivity or time management.
    Start a collection of something you’re passionate about.
    Attend a cultural festival or celebration.
    Learn to do basic bike repairs or maintenance.
    Take a class on personal finance or investment strategies.
    Volunteer for a political campaign or community organization.
    Attend a mindfulness or meditation retreat.
    Learn to do basic home renovation or interior design.
    Take a class on personal branding or social media strategies.
    Join a local club or organization related to your interests.
    Learn to do basic car maintenance or repairs.