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More that 10 000 businesses in Zimbabwe are getting their businesses registered online every year and this number is set to increase since the number of businesses  that are digitalizing is increasing year by year and most customers now prefer getting most of their products or services online. As reviewed in the Digital Statshot report in 2021, more that 60% of the global population is now online, meaning this is the right time to set up your business online.

What then are the steps that you will need to take to set up your business in the online world?

This article will guide you on the possible steps to take and these steps will give your business a possible uplift and also give it the recognition that it deserves.

Step 1

Get A Domain Name

Google Introduces the .Page Domain Name Extension

A domain name is  the internet address for your website or a unique name that identifies a website. examples could be .com, .NET, .gov, etc.

Anyone can buy a domain name and to do so you will need to visit a domain name registrar such as tremhost which is a 5 star rated company and through this you can register your domain name quickly and easily. There will be advantages of getting a domain name, such as improved search engine rankings, better branding, improved business identity and it also adds a professional credibility to your business allowing your firm to separate from millions of other businesses.

Step 2

Get A Website

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The Collins dictionary describes a website as a set of data and information about a particular subject which is available on the internet.

So why do you need a website?

  1. To Showcase Your Brand

Getting your own website is a great opportunity to make a good first impression and actually get to convince possible clients that you are a real business.

2. To Reach A Larger Audience

The other advantage of getting your firm a website is through attracting more customers and these customers will also drive leads resulting in higher sales and also business success.

3 To Improve Customer experience.

A website will give you the opportunity to attend to many customers as many websites these days come with a live chat system which means you can attend to customers ones they reach out to you at any time of the day and one advantage of this is that your customers are going to feel safe as they can be attended to at any time of the day.

Step 3

Get an SSL Certificate

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SSL is a cyber-security protocol that digitally encrypts information sent from a browser to a server. SSL certificates are used to protect sensitive information like credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, email addresses, and through getting your business an SSL certificate, your firm will get to establish a secure connection between its client and the server resulting in better and improved customer trust and this will also allow the customer to be loyal.


In short, in this digital age, now is the time to get your business online and at tremhost our purpose is to make sure that your business is successful in all possible ways. We guarantee you affordable prices and we also assure you of the best online experience. So switch to TREMHOST and enjoy the best web services available.