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Top 10 places to visit in Zimbabwe

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Traveling around the world is a way that could help you put things into perspective and can help you gain clarity on what your passion actually is. Being in different breathtaking places also has a very interesting way of making you think differently.

This was why you should visit the wonders of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a country located in Southern Africa and is well known for its dramatic landscape, and its diverse wildlife with most of it being found within parks, reserves and safari areas.

If ever you’re going to plan to visit Zimbabwe then you should expect breathtaking nature areas, highly acclaimed  cultural and historical monuments and many other fascinating attractions giving you a stimulating sense of having stepped out of the map.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Zimbabwe.


                    Matobo National Park – Zimbabwe A World of Wonders            

The Matopos is located south east of Bulawayo Zimbabwe and it is known for its balancing rock formations formed by river erosion and erosion of the granite plateau many of the balancing rocks are actually marked with ancient rock art and this was done by the San commonly known as the bush man around 2000 years ago. This place is also famous for the grave of the late Cecil john Rhodes who was the founder of the British colony Rhodesia. If you enjoy hiking then this place will be the best fit for you and you will also be privileged to see different types of wildlife, such as the black and white rhinos.

Chinhoyi Caves

Chinhoyi Caves 'The sleeping pool' | ZimLegends

Located in the northern central of Zimbabwe, Chinhoyi caves is a designated area managed by the Zim Parks and wildlife management authorities. This place is famous for the swallow hole, commonly known as the pool of the fallen and this was derived from an incident that took place in the 1830s, where people from the Angoni tribe where moving northwards and surprised people living near the caves and flung them into the pool. The pool is unbelievably blue and crystal clear reflecting great depth and non flowing water. Visitors can enjoy activities such as scuber diving, cave exploration and also picnics in this area.


Travel Guy on Twitter: "#21Days21Destinations Day 3: 📍Vumba 🇿🇼 The Vumba misty mountains are a precious gem, hidden in the Eastern Highlands and are a must-see destination. The microclimate, fresh air, mist,

Straddling the border of Mozambique and Zimbabwe, the Vumba mountains are situated in the eastern highlands, south east of Mutare. This area is the best destination for a deserved break or vacation. The Vumba is capped by cool green hills sheltering lodges, casinos and one of the best hotels in Africa the Leopard rock hotel which is famous for its golf course. The hotel is also famous for its scenic botanical gardens with one of the best views in Africa.


Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park - Zimbabwe's Largest National Park

Situated in the west of Zimbabwe, Hwange national park is the largest natural reserve in Zimbabwe covering up to      14 600 square km in area. This place offers excellent wildlife viewing and its grassland and mopane woods are home to large elephant herds, lions and the African wild dogs.  At last count, Hwange national park had more than 40000 elephants and these numbers are set to increase as anti poaching programmes are ramped up.

The Great Zimbabwe National Monument

Great Zimbabwe - HeritageDaily - Archaeology News

Situated in the south eastern hills of Zimbabwe Great Zimbabwe is known for its large circular and wall tower. The site protects the remains of Great Zimbabwe which was the heart of a trading empire from the 11th to the 15th generation. Tourists can be interested in the Hill complex, the great enclosure and the museum which holds a number of interesting artifacts.

Mana Pools

Mana Pools National Park | Discover Africa Safaris

This place is found in he far north of Zimbabwe and also includes the south banks and islands of the Zambezi river, which forms the border with Zambia. Despite being underdeveloped, you can get to see large populations of elephants, hippos and Nile crocodiles that gather at sunrise in the long pool making this place a top Tier game viewing destination. You can also get to see lions wait for prey around a waterhole named Chitake spring giving you unforgettable memories.

The Mount Nyangani


Mount Nyangani | Fambayi (Travel) Zimbabwe

Formerly known as Mount Inyangani, Mount Nyangani is located within Nyanga national park in the Nyanga district and it is about 10km north west of Mutare.  Mount Nyangani is the highest mountain in Zimbabwe at 2592m. The summit lies atop a small outcrop of rock around 40m above the surrounding areas. Close to mount Nyangani is Nyanga national park and if you’re really willing to get a taste of the African Safari then this will be best place. In the national park you can get to find many rare creatures such as the Simango monkey and also other wild animals such as the lions and the mighty leopards.

Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba – Zimbabwe Tourism

Lake Kariba is the largest man-made lake in the world in terms of volume. This lake stretches over 220km in length and 40 km in width. Constructed in 1959, this lake is found North east of Victoria falls and is known as one of the best places in the world to catch the tiger fish. Islands are also found in the lake and they offer abundant opportunities for game viewing with islands such as the Matusadona National Park offering wildlife such as elephants and impalas etc. If ever your going to need a unique place to relax, then this place is a must visit. You can also get to relax and witness the famous sunset and also the thrilling sounds of nature surrounding you.

The Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe travel guide: The must-do highlights

Mosi-oa-tunya! the smoke that thunders. The Victoria Falls is one of Zimbabwe’s must see places. Situated in Zimbabwe’s far west corner, the Victoria falls is Zimbabwe’s most popular holiday resort. This place is the largest single curtain of flowing water and you can get to see the water cascading drastically off its black rocks in plumes of smoke and mist. You can also get to experience exhilarating adventure, such as the bungee jumping, and the flight of angels which is considered an activity for the brave. Just like the Niagara falls this place offers a spectacle view that can never be forgotten