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Focus!- The Inspirational Story of Malume


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Focus and simplicity once you get there, you can move mountains and the key to success is through focusing on the goals and not the obstacles.

For the past few days, the story of Malume has been trending all over social media and most people have been laughing and they have never seemed to think of the lessons they can learn from the trending Video of Malume who managed to swim 25 meters and also finish the race he had started.

What then are some of the lessons we can get to learn from this trending video?

  1. Discipline- Malume did not give up on what he had started but he fought up until the end of the race and we could also do the same through finishing what we have started and being consistent right till the end.
  2. Keep Pushing- In order for us to become experts at anything, there are times we are going to fall dismally, but like Malume we always need to give everything our all and keep pushing till we reach our goals and targets.
  3. Be Objective- An objective is a specific commitment to achieve a measurable result and the video clearly shows us how Malume managed to be objective through find ways he could finish the race he had started. We too can get to learn from this through finding the best possible ways to achieve our dreams.
  4. Never Quit-  Finishing what you have started will bring so much joy to your life when compared to quitting. Quitting will actually bring you so much regret for the rest of your life. So like Malume, no matter how hard it gets we will need to soldier on to achieve the things we want.
  5. . Family Is Precious- If you managed to see the video of Malume there was someone cheering up on him in the background. From the person cheering up we can get to learn that family is precious and we need those people to keep us going in whatever we’re going to be doing because in the end, love conquers all.
  6. Do not worry about what others think- In life there will always be people that want to see you fail simply because they never succeeded. But like Malume, at times you need to do whatever you have to do for the benefit of you and you should never fear being yourself.
  7. Rest- in the video Malume took some time to rest before he finished his race and from this we can learn that sometimes, the best solution is to rest and recharge and not quit in order for us to finish what we have started. so even if you’re going out of the road, stop, breathe and hit the road again.
  8. Enjoy- Malume got to enjoy himself and we can get to follow that through enjoying whatever we do and in the end there will always be victory in Participation so in whatever you do, enjoy the moment.
  9. Always Be Brave- Malume might have never tried swimming in his life, and even though he knew that he could not swim he was brave enough to swim in front of an audience and he did just fine. we too can follow Malume’s bravery and you will never know , those fears could turn into passions
  10. Focus- Malume finished the race and he was not distracted by the empty lane that was next to his, or his swimming disability but he focused on his goal. the same can go to each one of us, at time our mates can be ahead of us in life or achievements, but we should never allow that to distract us and make us lose focus. We need to focus on our goals and ambitions. Like Malume we should always strive to do things at our own pace, at our own time and in our own lane.

In he end we need to focus on us and may we always Malume our way through life!