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Making Your Own Perfume is Easy


In this article I would like to show you how easy it is to make your own perfume. What you will need is an essential oils distilled from citrus fruits and a dark non-transparent container with a lid.

The first thing you will need to do is gather the essential oils you want to use. You can use any kind of oils but if you plan on aging your perfume you should only use oils that are distilled from clean natural flowers. If you use just any kind of oil you risk changing the chemical structure of the oils and causing unpredictable results.

The next step is to pour the oils into the container along with a towel to keep the oils from evaporating. Next you should place the cap on the container so that the oils will be able to scent your bath. This is an important step that will help to keep the scent on the oils.

There are many other simple ways to scent your bath but by following this one you will be able to make your own unique scent that will help you relax and enjoy your bath.

When you are ready to begin you simply need to start with the base oils and allow them to sit for a few days. This is going to give them time to permeate into the water and gather the natural scents from the oils. Next add the essential oils of your choice and gently massage them into the bath water. Allow them to sit for 24 hours.

The next step is to add the scent of your choice. The choice of fragrance is entirely up to you, just remember that you should be able to smell the oils and dirt on the person who is bathing you. This will give you a good idea of what the final scent will smell like. Add the desired amount of the oil and then add 6-8 drops of essential oil per gallon of water. You may also add 1/2 cup of a scented bath oil or perfume. The possibilities are endless, just be sure to read the label before you buy.

To clean up any leftover scent you may have, simply pour the still warm bath water over the oils and pour the scented water over the top. Again, it is best to pour the water only over the oils so that the oils will absorb quickly.

Many people find that they like to have a cup of tea to hand out to the spouse after a nice bath. Or you can pour a cupful of green tea into the bath water. It is not necessary to buy these tea bags or teabags. You can use any type of tea.

If you use lavender, add 6-8 drops of essential oil per cup of water.

If you use orange or any other citrus, add 4-6 drops of essential oil per cup of water.

If you use spices ( cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg), you can add 4-6 drops of essential oil per cup of water.

And finally, if you use fragrance oils you can add 6 drops of essential oil per cup of water.

You will not only smell sweet by the end of the bath but you will be amazed at the aromatherapy oils and herbs that you have used.

There are many other ways to scent your bath. This is just one way.


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