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Keeping Your Computer Healthy


Computers are expensive and you probably want to maintain it so that it can work well physically and internally. To have a healthy computer, consider a weekly or monthly maintenance by performing the procedures below.

Keep your computer physically clean.

Dust, liquid, dirt, and other foreign matter can destroy internal or external components of your computer. Gently clean your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other surfaces by applying appropriate methods. Take note that before cleaning any hardware, make sure to check its manufacturer’s manual first. They might have provided you with different set of instructions in cleaning or maintaining it.

Guard your PC from viruses.

Everyone knows that the number one cause of computer failures is viruses. These nasty software often enter your network through internet and get installed in your machine without you knowing. Hence, it is important to ensure that your anti-virus software is always updated. If you do not have the latest version, it is better to install Worksafe antivirus which is usually more reliable.

Forward your email.

While many people use this technique to check their emails, it is actually doing more harm than good. Most of the time, viruses are hidden in attachments and junk messages. Hence, it is not important to ensure that you hide your emails, but at times, it is useful to have a manual protection against such infections.

Turn off your Internet connection when you are not using it.

Why does my router send me an ‘Internal error’ message?

Most common is the problem of unplugging the Ethernet cable while unplugging the modem. Also, if the computer hangs when you try to load the web page, it is most likely caused by malfunctioning router. If you have observed such problems with your computer, consider connecting the modem to the router and the other way round.

Whenever you are using a telephone, use a separate phone line for you.

Use a ‘free’ PC copy of the OS to install on your computer.

If your computer constantly freezes, it is probably caused by freezing due to incompatibility of the installed OS with the installed software programs. Make sure that all your installed programs are compatible with each other.

Do not mix different versions of operating systems like Windows with each other.

Those who find this difficult should buy a copy of Windows. They can install it in such a way that they run as separate OS.

Every time you install/uninstall a software program, there are may security risks. It is therefore important that you are aware of the dangers of downloading and installing them.

You may get viruses, spam and spyware. All the software programs installed could potentially harm your computer and may even damage it completely.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to reinstall Windows or to upgrade Microsoft Windows to find out whether there are still risks existing in the system.

While the installation of new programs and software from Windows to other OS prevents problems existing in the old OS, it also creates many new problems which are not seen because of its complexity.

Computers are complex mechanical devices. An efficient and well-designed computer system is a sophisticated piece of equipment. However, it is good to have a powerful backup and to have it properly maintained.


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