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How to Remove Malware on Your Own and Save Money Along the Way


If you’ve never had the misfortune of experiencing Malware, consider yourself lucky; the rest of us know how hard it is to remove. Either way, don’t let your guard down because chances are, at some point, you’ll encounter this infection. As a PC Repair Specialist, I have more than my fair share of experience with Malware infected computers and I know how difficult it is to get them cleaned and running like they were pre-infection. It’s time consuming and hiring me to repair this problem isn’t cheap. That’s why I want to let you in on tips about the latest Malware removal tools available online. They are faster and more thorough than the computers owned by most of the average computer user. They also cost a lot less than they would have cost in a professional computer repair shop.

There are several similar software solutions available to those lacking in computer knowledge. A simple scan will let you know what is going on with your computer and since it often runs in the background, you’ll most likely notice a significant loss of computer performance as well as the embarrassing error of your computer acting like a daiquir. You computer will be infected with Malware, and unless you have some type of real time protection protocol, you are going to be infected soon thereafter.

Run a scan using one of the many malware removal tools available and you will be directed to a website to download the real malware. Once you have downloaded the files, they will be opened in a separate folder and the real malware files will be extracted. These files are then compiled and various tasks such as decoding passwords and credit card numbers can be done. Once that is complete, the software will present you with a list of threats it has identified along with recommendations of what you should do about each.

I can tell you that working as a PC Repair Specialist to rid your computer of viruses and Malware is a lot more affordable now than it was before.$. If you are a little strapped for cash, you can hire me to do it for an hourly rate. Besides working remotely to render my services as efficient as possible, you can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against the company for not doing enough to protect you.

Listed below are some of the other precautions you can take in order to stay virus free:

1. Use Firefox as your primary web browser. If you don’t know what you are using, you probably won’t like it.

2. Avoid file sharing programs like Kazaa, Limewire, or Windows Media Player. Often infected with Malware.

3. Stay away from unfamiliar websites that ladysend files. Never download codec’s unless it is from a well-known name in the file sharing community.

4.rontool Microsoft Support is a good resource to locate any problems with Windows. If you are using Windows XP, check out the Microsoft Support section. It is located in the help section. Also, suggest you to read the free research materials that are located at

5. Put a firewall between your internal network and the Internet.

6.rontool Microsoft Support is a good resource to locate sector mutations. If you are using Windows XP, check out the Microsoft Support section. It is located in the help section.


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