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Best reseller hosting in Egypt


Tremhost offers a variety of reseller hosting plans suitable for different budgets and requirements. Here’s an overview of what we offer:

Tremhost Reseller Hosting Features:

  1. Affordable Plans: Tremhost offers a range of reseller hosting plans starting at $5 per month, making it accessible for different budgets.
  2. cPanel and WHM Access: All the plans include cPanel for your clients and Web Host Manager (WHM) for managing your reseller business.
  3. White Label Branding: Tremhost provides 100% white-labeled servers, allowing you to completely brand the hosting services under your company.
  4. Softaculous Installer: The reseller plans come with Softaculous auto-installer, which includes nearly 450 apps for easy installation.
  5. Basic DDoS Protection: Tremhost offers basic DDoS protection for added security for your clients’ websites.
  6. Multiple PHP Versions: You can choose and switch between multiple PHP versions as needed.
  7. Email Accounts: The plans include the ability to create an unlimited number of email accounts with popular email apps integration.
  8. 24/7 Live Chat Support: Tremhost provides round-the-clock technical support to its reseller clients.
  9. SitePad Website Builder: SitePad is included with all standard and premium reseller plans, allowing your clients to create websites easily.
  10. Cloudflare CDN: Tremhost supports Cloudflare CDN to improve your clients’ website loading speed.
  11. SSD Servers and CloudLinux OS: Tremhost uses SSD servers and CloudLinux OS for efficient and stable hosting environments.
  12. Domain Reselling: You can resell domains with discounted prices and set your own profit margins.
  13. Upgradeable Plans: Tremhost allows you to upgrade your reseller plan without any hassle or downtime.

In summary, Tremhost Reseller hosting provides an affordable and feature-rich solution for those looking to start a hosting reseller business in Egypt. With various plans and comprehensive support, it offers a reliable option for reseller hosting services.

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