What you need to have a website

To have your website online first you need to buy a domain name e.g www.yourname.com . A domain name acts as your site address where people will find you when they type your domain name in a browser. Your domain name is hence your online address, just as you have a residential address. You will also need web hosting. This is where you store your files and emails. Since your domain name is like your address where people find you, web hosting is like a house where you store your stuff.

Lastly, you will need to design your website. We can design for you or you can use our drag n drop software scripts in our web hosting control panel.

We will work with you

Your Business

Your business needs a dynamic online presence, we will sort that issue for you!

Your Team

Our servers give you a stable environment to collaborate and work on your projects!

Your Products

Showcase the work of your gifted hands to your friends and the rest of the world!

Client area - keep track of your tickets, products and invoices

Become a Reseller

Need to offer clients your own services? Fully brand our services (cpanel, servers & private nameservers) and offer your clients! All support will be done by us through your name and no one will ever know that you are a reseller!

Start your own web hosting company!!