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Why your small business needs to be on TikTok


ikTok is the fastest growing social media platform, and it can help your small business grow, too!

More than 800 million people use TikTok each month.

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform in the world, and it’s not just a small business opportunity. TikTok is owned by Bytedance, which also owns other popular apps like Douyin (the first Chinese-only rival to Instagram) and Helo (a video calling app).

The numbers speak for themselves: 800 million people use TikTok each month on their phones or tablets; there are over 1 billion videos uploaded to TikTok every single day; and there are more than 100 million active users per month worldwide.

Create videos that show how your product/service works.

If you want to attract new customers, it’s important to show them how your product/service works. You can use videos as a way of explaining the benefits of your products and services and how they are used.

For example, let’s say that you sell custom-made t-shirts online. You could create a video showing people how they can order one of your shirts in three different colors: red, green and blue (you don’t have any other options). Then you could explain what each color means: red stands for bravery; green symbolizes nature; while blue represents hope or aspiration in life.

Use user-generated content to promote your brand.

It’s easy to see why UGC is such a powerful marketing tool. It’s low-cost, it’s accessible and it fits perfectly with your brand’s mission.

UGC has the power to help you grow your business by creating content that shows how you work and what your products do. You can use UGC to create a simple video showing how one of your products works, or even better yet create an entire explainer video explaining how one of your services works!

Share exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

You can also create a behind-the-scenes video on TikTok. This is an excellent way to show off your brand, and what you do as a company.

  • Create a video showing the process behind making your product/service: Instead of showing just one product in action, show how it’s made from start to finish with all of its parts included. This way, customers can get an idea of what goes into creating what they buy from you (and why it costs so much).
  • Show employees working: If everyone in the office has been trained well enough to give voiceover talent without sounding robotic or robotic-sounding—and they obviously have—then consider adding them into some videos! Not only will this make people feel like they’re getting inside information about how things work around here; but also if there are any newbies who want hints before starting their own business…this is an easy way for them too learn more about how things work around here too!

Engage with your customers on a social level.

Engaged customers are more likely to return and refer your brand. They’re also more likely to buy from you, so it’s important that you invest in building relationships with them on a social level.

TikTok is one of the best platforms for engaging with customers because it gives businesses access to a large audience and allows them to respond quickly—which is crucial when dealing with unhappy or confused customers. Most people don’t want their problems resolved by email; they want someone who understands their issue right away and can fix it right away!

Create a TikTok ad or sponsored hashtag challenge.

If you’re looking to get more exposure for your business, there are several ways to do that. You could create a hashtag challenge and ask people to use it in their TikTok videos, or you can run ads on TikTok.

Either way, using hashtags is one of the best ways of getting your brand out there in front of potential customers who may be interested in what you have to offer. For example: if I wanted my audience’s attention on my business idea “How To Make Your Own Turmeric Tea”, I could create an ad where we talk about our product (turmeric tea) and mention how easy it is for anyone with a blender can make it at home! Then we would put @howtomediyoururmeriterextracts username into the caption so users see our page when they go back through their feed!

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform, and it can help your small business grow, too!

You know that TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform, right? That’s because it’s a great way to reach new customers and promote your brand. It also helps you engage with your existing customers so they feel part of the TikTok community.


We hope that you’ve found this article informative and helpful. We’re so excited to see what the future of TikTok holds, and we can’t wait to see how businesses use it in their own unique ways! If you have any questions about using this platform for marketing or advertising purposes, please don’t hesitate to reach out through our contact page. We wish all our readers success on their journey towards business growth!


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