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What’s the best way to compete with the big guys?


It’s no secret that giant companies like Amazon and Walmart have shaken up the retail world. Online shopping is easier than ever, but at the same time, it can be difficult for small businesses to compete with these giants. So how do you compete with a huge corporation like Amazon? And more importantly, why bother?

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Be a resource for your customers.

You can be a resource for your customers.

You’re not going to be able to compete with the big guys on price, but you can compete by providing better customer service, more information and options, and an experience that’s better than anything they can offer.

If you look at any industry where there are big players who dominate (e-commerce or travel for example), there are always small businesses doing well because they provide a personal touch that the big guys don’t offer.

Focus on the customer experience.

The corporate world is full of companies that have lost their way and forgotten what matters most: the customer. They’ve become so focused on competing with each other in an arms race for market share and profits that they forgot about their customers. And it’s not just the big guys–many small businesses are guilty of this too.

We’re here to tell you that there’s a better way: focus on your customers’ experience! This isn’t just good advice for startups; it can apply to any company looking to improve its performance by focusing on its people (and by extension, their experiences). We’ll explain how in just a moment…

Offer more consistent service.

A good way to compete with the big guys is by offering more consistent service. If you’re selling products that need to be delivered on a daily basis, make sure your product is always available. If it’s not, customers will go elsewhere and never come back.

If you are running an online store or business where customer service is key, then having a customer service team that is ready to help at all times of day (and night) is essential! A 24/7 support line will keep your customers happy and ensure they don’t go looking elsewhere for their needs.

Finally, make sure your customer service team can handle any problems that arise with ease so as not to upset anyone further than necessary

Be cheaper than the big guys.

As a small business, you have to be the cheapest option. You need to understand what your customers want and make sure that you’re offering it at a lower price than the big guys. By doing this, not only will you attract new customers but also keep your existing ones happy by keeping their bills low!

Be cheaper in all aspects of your business:

  • Your advertising should be less expensive than theirs (and maybe even better)
  • Your website should load faster than theirs (it’s 2018–we live on our phones) and offer more features for free or cheap if possible
  • Your pricing structure should make sense so people can see how much they’ll save when switching over from Comcast/Verizon/AT&T

Be faster than the big guys.

You’re not going to be as fast as the big guys, so you have to make sure that your customers understand that. If they don’t, then you need to clearly communicate your reasons for being slower and how it benefits them in the long run.

For example, I once worked with a client who wanted me to build out their website for them. They said they needed it done quickly because their competitors were already ahead of them in terms of having a functioning website and getting their products out there into the world–and they were worried about losing business because of this fact. However, I explained that if we built our site quickly without thinking carefully about what was best for our users (and therefore our business), then we would end up causing more harm than good in the long run by creating something that didn’t meet user expectations or solve real customer problems effectively enough for people actually want use it over time

The best way to compete with big players is to offer something they can’t, like faster delivery or lower prices

In order to compete with big players, you’ll need to offer something they can’t. That’s not to say you should try to be better than them–it’s impossible for any one company to do everything better than a big player. Instead, find an advantage that they don’t have and focus on that. For example:

  • Speed: If you can deliver faster than your competitor, customers will come back again and again because they know that when they order from you it will arrive on time (or early).
  • Price: While price shouldn’t be the only factor in deciding where someone buys their product from (quality matters too), offering lower prices over time is a great way for small businesses like yours to stand out against bigger competitors who may have more cash reserves but also higher overhead costs associated with running larger operations or maintaining inventory levels at all times throughout the year instead of just during peak seasons when demand increases dramatically due largely due increased competition among retailers vying for attention from customers who are looking for bargains amid rising inflation rates caused by rising interest rates due largely due increased government spending resulting from higher revenues generated through sales taxes collected via consumption taxes paid by consumers buying goods/services which require capital investments made possible through loans provided upfront by banks underwritten by insurance companies insured against losses incurred during periods where premiums aren’t collected because no one wants anything until prices drop again after which point everyone rushes out onto streets screaming “I NEED SOMETHING NOW!!!!”


If you’re looking for a way to differentiate yourself from the big guys, the best way is by offering something they can’t. That might mean faster delivery times or lower prices. But whatever it is, make sure it’s something that customers will value enough that they’ll trade off other options in order to get it from you instead of Amazon or Walmart!


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