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What is Colocation Hosting? Do you really need it?


The cloud is a popular option for small and medium-sized businesses, but it’s not always the most efficient or cost-effective. If you run a large business that needs reliable, fast Internet and complete control over your servers, then colocation hosting is for you. In this article, we’ll explore what colocation hosting is and why it can be an affordable alternative to using cloud services like AWS or Azure.

What is colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting is a type of hosting where you rent space in a data center and have your own server, but it’s located in the data center. You have more control over your server than with other types of hosting, but it’s more expensive than other types of hosting.

Colocation Hosting vs. Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting: With shared hosting, you share resources with other websites on one physical server that may be located at multiple locations across the globe (and sometimes even off-shore). This means that when one site gets too much traffic or starts causing problems for others due to heavy resource usage (like CPU), then all sites on that physical server suffer as well because they share those same resources. There are no guarantees about uptime either since there could be maintenance performed at any time without warning!

Colocation Hosting: With colocation hosting though–you have an actual dedicated system sitting inside our facility here locally where we provide 24/7 support staff ready at all times should anything go wrong–but don’t worry because 99%+ uptime is guaranteed!!

Why should I choose to host with a colocation service provider?

Colocation hosting gives you complete control over your server. You can choose the location of your servers, the type of server you want, and how much bandwidth it needs. You also have the option to take advantage of security measures like firewalls and access controls that will help keep your data safe from intruders.

Colocation services are less expensive than other types of web hosting services because they don’t offer as many features as managed or dedicated servers do–but if all you need is somewhere to store and run some basic applications without having to worry about managing anything technical yourself (or paying someone else to do so), colocation might be right for you!

How much does colocation hosting cost?

The cost of colocation hosting depends on your needs and the provider you choose. If you are looking for a simple solution, shared web hosting may be enough for your business. However, if you need more power and flexibility than shared hosting provides, or if your business is growing rapidly and requires dedicated servers in order to keep up with demand, colocation could be the right choice for you.

As with any type of web hosting service, there are many factors that affect pricing: location (geographic region), bandwidth requirements (how much data transfers per month), processor speed requirements (how fast does the server need to be), etc. Prices also vary according to provider–some offer lower prices than others because their services come with fewer features or less space on disk drives where websites are stored).

For example: The average price per month for colocation ranges from $30-$150 USD depending on the number of CPU cores needed; however some providers charge more than others so it’s important that potential users do their research before making any decisions!

What’s the difference between a dedicated server and a colocation plan?

A dedicated server is hosted in a data center, which is generally a large facility with many servers. Colocation facilities are smaller and more common than data centers, but they also offer less security.

Data centers are often used for high-traffic websites or applications that need more power than what can be provided by hosting providers’ shared plans. For example, if you want to run an e-commerce site with thousands of customers at once or host an application with millions of users around the world, then you’ll need something more powerful than what most hosts offer–and that’s where colocation comes in!

If you run a large business that needs reliable, fast Internet and complete control over your servers, then colocation hosting is for you.

If you run a large business that needs reliable, fast Internet and complete control over your servers, then colocation hosting is for you. Colocation hosting is more expensive than dedicated servers but it’s worth it if you need the extra speed and reliability.


We hope this article has helped you understand the ins and outs of colocation hosting. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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