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What are the most important factors for a startup?


When you think about a startup, what comes to mind? Many people imagine a young entrepreneur in their 20s who’s just got their first idea and is ready to make it happen. They may work long hours with little pay and no benefits, but they’re excited about what they’re doing and have big dreams for the future. This is true for some entrepreneurs—but not all! In fact, many startups fail because they don’t have these three things:

A product or service

A product or service should solve a problem. If it doesn’t, then how can you make money off of it?

It should be something people are willing to pay for. This means that if you want your startup business to succeed, it must be easy for people like me who are just starting out and don’t know much about running a company yet—or even worse: us old farts (like myself) who might have been doing this all along but didn’t think anything could change our lives…but now we can see how important it is!

The next thing that matters is scalability: How many people will buy this thing at once? What if they buy multiple copies? Where do my costs go up when I need more inventory?

A brilliant team

  • You need a team that can work together.
  • You also need a team that is motivated to succeed, and has the right skills for the job.
  • And finally, your startup needs committed people who are dedicated to its success!

A growing market with customers who are willing to pay money for the product or service

A growing market with customers who are willing to pay money for the product or service.

The size of your market is important because it determines how many people will buy from you, and how much they will spend on your product or service. The more people in a particular market, the more likely it is that someone will want what you have to offer and even be able to afford paying for it. In other words: if there aren’t enough potential customers in an industry—or if those who are willing to buy are too few—then scaling up may not be possible without going through an unsustainable growth phase where costs skyrocket beyond what’s reasonable for maintaining profits at sustainable levels (think Uber).

A business model that will allow the startup to scale financially as it grows

Your business model needs to be scalable. If you’re a startup that aims to make money while scaling, then you need a way of making money while expanding your company.

Some startups might have a low cost of entry and low overhead, but still struggle with scaling their operations because they lack the skills or resources necessary for success in this field. This is why it’s important for startups starting out by themselves (or with little funding) not only build their own product but also look at ways of creating products that are relevant and useful for other people as well – even if those people aren’t necessarily customers yet!

These are the three most important things a startup needs if it hopes to succeed

  • A product or service that solves a problem for the customer.
  • A brilliant team of people who can execute on your idea, including marketing experts and engineers.
  • A growing market with customers who are willing to pay money for the product or service you provide.
  • An effective business model that allows you to scale financially as you grow (i.e., get bigger).


We hope you found this list useful and that it will help you figure out what’s most important to your startup. It can be hard to know where to start with a new business, so it’s good to have some general guidelines in mind before diving in headfirst. Now go out there and make something great!


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