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Web Hosting in Zimbabwe- Who is the best?

best web hosting in Zimbabwe
best web hosting in Zimbabwe

We have relied on the international community for so long. Needed a domain name? Go to Hostgator. Need web hosting? Go to Bluehost. This was us a decade ago because at that time the local ISPs hadn’t gotten their act together. Even now, most Internet Service Providers in Zim do not have their act together. However, it is safe to say We (Tremhost) can take on the international community. Consider this:

we offer the most affordable web hosting services not just in Zimbabwe but in world. Actually, not just in the world but in the entire universe! Our web hosting plans start at $3 per year yet we still have 97.9% uptime!

Let that sink in….

If you have used other local web service providers (will not mention names), you will notice they use free control panels that are practically unusable. In contrast, we give industry standard Cpanel and WHM. At the end of the day you should choose. You choose wether to take your business forward with Tremhost or take it backwards with other ISPs who barely offer support for their services.

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