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Web Hosting in Zimbabwe- Silicon Valley vs Batanai Gardens

web hosting in zimbabwe
web hosting in zimbabwe

Web hosting in Zimbabwe is taking on the International Brand names.

Blogs…. Custom Emails…. Domain names…. Websites….

That pretty much is web hosting.

In Zimbabwe, we are always too late to catch up with the rest of the world. Literally everything comes from The United States, Europe, India or China and by the time a good service (like Paypal) or a good product (like Spotify) reached Zim- there is already something new! This has made us play catch up- all the time.

Thanks to the internet, things are changing. Even though the internet penetration in Zimbabwe is just 40% according to Wikipedia, (Contrast that to South Africa’s 71.4% at this time of writing) we are now able to catch on trends faster. Big Win for us!

Is it?

Well, it depends with who you are. As a consumer- you win because you have access to top of the ranch products and services, as a startup owner- that is extra sleepless nights for you because if you don’t innovate fast enough then Silicon Valley is going to kill you.

I am involved with a Web Service Company in Zimbawe- Tremhost and it has been a battlefield. As a local web services company we are always finding ourselves locking horns or frankly- being whipped by big industry companies like GoDaddy and Hostgator. Take this comparison for instance- Godaddy was founded in 1999 while Tremhost was founded in 2016. That is a huge age gap. But does it matter?

Yes and No.

Yes, it matters because time is a good teacher. The sooner you get to 10 000 hours the better chance you are at being a master. GoDaddy had years of trying and failing and figuring out what works and what doesnt.

No, technology changes and being first in the game means nothing when 6 months later there is better and faster technology. Godaddy may have an age advantage but local companies have a time advantage. Yeah age and time amounts to the same thing so how is time an advantage?

The tech sector is fast paced. The innovation is furious and more decentralized than ever before. Age will not help you if a tech company comes under the radar and has better customer service and better product- efficiency. Ask BlockBuster and Yahoo!

Better Customer Service…. Better Product.

Better Customer Service…. Better Product.

This is the only way to win customers.

Web Hosting in Zimbabwe has improved so dramatically that local companies are now scooping international users. Even though they started yesterday compared to the Hostgator and Bluehost- Web hosting companies in Zimbabwe now have impressive customer service and good products- thanks to AWS and Azure we now have the same resources to rival International companies.

I know that most people look down on local companies in general. Maybe there is justification to that but where I come from- tiri kuchimyanya.

Do not hesitate to use web hosting companies in Zimbabwe. They are just as good as international companies.


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