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Sliding into DMs: Crafting a Stellar First Impression


The age-old question: how to craft the perfect opening message for an Instagram DM? Fear not, this guide will equip you with strategies to navigate the social media landscape and make a positive first impression.

Before You Slide:

  • Genuine Connection is Key: Focus on building a genuine connection, not just a shot. Is there a common interest sparked by a recent post? Does her bio reveal something to spark a conversation? This makes your message more personal and shows you’re putting in effort.

  • Respect Her Boundaries: Not everyone enjoys unsolicited DMs. If her profile is private or she doesn’t respond, don’t badger her. There are plenty of fish in the sea (or rather, Instagrammers on the feed).

Crafting Your Message:

  • Ditch the Generic: Avoid generic greetings like “Hey” or “What’s up?”. These are easily ignored.

  • Leverage Content: Did she post a funny meme? Offer a witty reply or ask a related question. See a stunning travel pic? Compliment the location (without being creepy) and ask if she has any travel recommendations.

  • Be Respectful and Confident: Keep your message polite and free of anything offensive. A dash of confidence is attractive, but avoid arrogance.

  • Keep it Short and Sweet: No one wants a novel in their DMs. A concise message is more likely to be read and responded to.

Examples (tailor these to her content):

  • If she posts about rescue dogs: “That picture of you and your pup is adorable! What breed is it?”

  • If she shares a concert pic: “Great taste in music! I saw them live last year, it was incredible.”

  • If her bio mentions rock climbing: “Your climbing skills are impressive! Any recommendations for beginner gyms?”


  • Be Patient: Don’t expect an immediate reply. Give her time to respond.

  • Rejection is Okay: If she doesn’t respond, move on. There’s no point dwelling on it.

  • Focus on the Journey: The goal is to start a conversation, not get a date right away.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a DM that sparks a genuine connection and separates you from the rest. Good luck!