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No Bullshit Way to Win in your Marriage


If you want to know how to win in your marriage, stop trying to bullshit each other. It doesn’t work, and it won’t make your marriage any better. Instead, focus on being real with each other and being open about what’s going on in your relationship. When you can be honest about everything that’s happening between the two of you—the good, the bad, and the ugly—you’ll start having a deeper connection with each other than ever before. That’s when winning happens!

Negativity is the enemy of marriage

Negativity is the enemy of marriage. When you get married, you’re committing to be with your partner for the rest of your life–and that’s a long time! You want to be happy and positive every day, not just when things are going well but also when they’re not. If you’re negative all the time or even most times, then it will wear on both of your spirits over time.

Negativity is contagious: if one person starts being negative, it can spread like wildfire throughout a household (or office). So when one spouse gets into this pattern of thinking/speaking/acting negatively about everything around him/herself or others in general terms rather than specific incidents (e.g., “I hate my job!” vs., “I hate what happened today at work”), then there needs to be some intervention from outside sources such as friends/family members who love them enough not only say something but also listen carefully enough so that they hear what’s being said instead of just tuning out due simply because they don’t know how else handle such situations themselves either out loud yet still privately inside their own heads.”

You need to be able to talk about sex

Sex is important.

Talking about sex without being defensive or judgmental is essential to your marriage, because it’s a way of communicating your needs, wants and desires in a non-threatening way. You want your partner to know what you like and dislike so that they can provide the best experience possible for both of you sexually.

When talking about sex with one another, try not to use phrases like “I feel like…” or “My mom told me that…” Instead say something along the lines of: “When we do X together I feel Y.” This makes it easier for both parties involved in an intimate conversation because there’s no room left behind for misinterpretation or confusion on either side; they know exactly where each other stands and how they feel about it (or don’t feel).

You will fight with each other

You will fight with each other.

You need to fight with each other.

Fighting is a good thing, because it means you care about each other and want to get along better. You should keep fighting until there is no more fighting left in you and your spouse respectively, because that’s when things start getting really good!

There are no rules

There are no rules.

There is no right way to be married, and there’s also no wrong way. Marriage isn’t a game; it’s not a competition, and it certainly isn’t about being right all the time. The best advice I can give you is this: Don’t try so hard!

If you want to win in your marriage, don’t bullshit each other.

If you want to win in your marriage, don’t bullshit each other.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. If you want your marriage to work and thrive, here are some things for you two not to do:

  • Don’t be afraid of sex! If there’s something that makes one person uncomfortable or anxious about having sex with the other person, then they need to talk about that–and it doesn’t mean they’re a bad person or anything like that; it just means that they need support and understanding from their partner so they can feel more comfortable with themselves and their bodies (as well as each others’). And if there’s something going on inside of either person where he/she feels like sex isn’t worth having because she thinks he doesn’t find her attractive anymore or vice versa…then again: talk about it! Communication is key here–you don’t want either one feeling like this because then neither will feel happy with their relationship overall.* Don’t let negativity affect how good things could potentially become between both spouses over time if only given enough time/space together without distractions from outside sources such as friends/family members/work colleagues etcetera…and especially not during those precious early years when couples should be focusing primarily on building strong foundations within themselves first before tackling bigger problems later down the road when kids come along!


Marriage is not a fairy tale, and no marriage is perfect. But if you want to win in your marriage, don’t bullshit each other. It’s as simple as that!


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