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How to Start a Small Farm in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is a country that has a rich history and culture. It has been around for centuries, but it’s still very much alive today. You can find out-of-the-box solutions to just about any problem you encounter in this beautiful country.

How to Start a Small Farm in Zimbabwe

  • Start with a small piece of land.
  • Get a small farm loan from your bank or moneylender.
  • Start with a small budget, and only invest what you can afford to lose.
  • Choose plants and animals that are easy to keep alive, so that you don’t have much trouble maintaining them in the future. You may want to start off by planting something like potatoes or cassava before moving on to more expensive crops such as maize or wheat; this will help offset any initial costs associated with buying seeds for these foods!


We hope that this article has given you some insight into starting your own small farm in Zimbabwe. The country is one of the best places to do so, with its rich biodiversity and fertile soil. There are many resources available to help you get started, from books on agriculture trends or organic farming practices (which we recommend reading) as well as online forums where other farmers can share their experiences with others who may be going through similar situations as well as providing advice on what works best for them based off research done by experts on plant science topics such as how does nitrogen fertilizer work?


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