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How to Lose Love Handles


Love handles or spare tires can be quite unsightly and can certainly make you less attractive, and if you want to get rid of them you’ll have to work hard. Sure, it’s very popular for people to go on diets and engage in exercises which target the abdominal region. However, in the case of love handles, this isn’t always the best solution; in fact, this can actually make the situation worse. If you want to remove this fat permanently from your body, then these tips will help a great deal:

1. Get Rid of the Empty Calories


A large part of the problem with fat accumulation comes from a math problem: the more calories you eat, the more you need to burn off. So you tend to eat more calories than your body can burn; this is how you gain weight. However, this doesn’t have to happen. You need to remove the empty calories, the ones which you consume only because you feel like. Most of the junk food we eat contains a large amount of calorie – in fact, the third and final reason why we’re fat is this very problem. If you limit your self-medication calories, you’ll save yourself a lot of calories in the long run. You have a weak metabolism; you get easily exhausted, and you’re prone to diseases. The key to improving your metabolism, and thus you weight, is trust in yourself. You’ll have an even better chance of succeeding if you take care of your nutrition, and if you perform exercises on a regular basis.

2. Do the Best Cardio Workouts

There are many workouts which target the abdominal region and which can help you remove the fat around your belly. However, the best workouts for this problem and in order to improve your metabolic rate are the cardio workouts; you have to do them on a routine basis. At the same time, you should try some other exercises as well, in order to improve your over-all cardio-vascular condition.

3. Eat Foods Rich in Minerals

This can be a very crucial tip because it will help you lose belly fat and it will also prevent you from having diseases due to excessive fat. Take a lot of water, eat fruits and vegetables, get about 300 mg of calcium a day, and you’ll be sure to lose a lot of weight. Don’t forget to eat the foods which are rich in minerals; this can be very important for your general health.

4. Avoid Fatty Food

This is important if you want to get rid of love handles. If you know that the food you eat will make you fat, then don’t eat it! It will only harm your health. And if you find that the food you eat is healthy and it helps you lose weight, then eat it. This is one of the ways on how to lose love handles, by eating the right food.

5. Avoid Carbohydrates

Avoiding carbohydrates is another way on how to lose love handles – you have to limit your intake of starchy food and eat as little as possible. Some of the starchy foods you should avoid are Orange Juice, Pineapple, Dried Fruit, Bread, Spaghetti, Wheat.

6. Diminishing Calorie Intake

This is another way you can lose love handles. Don’t consume too much calories, because otherwise they will get stored in your body as fats.

7. Joining a Diet Program

This is another way you canJoining a diet program can also help you lose love handles. But make sure you stick to it, because you will have to follow all the instructions on the program, otherwise it won’t be effective.


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