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How small businesses can use TikTok to attract new customers

Attracting Customers With Horseshoe Magnet

TikTok is a video-sharing app that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s estimated that TikTok has over an incredible 1 billion users, and it’s easy to see why: it’s fun to use, offers great content — and most importantly, it can help your business reach new customers online.

Learn how to use TikTok

  • TikTok is a video-sharing app that’s been downloaded more than 1 billion times and is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese tech company.
  • It’s also a social media platform that allows users to share videos, photos and text posts.
  • Users are able to post short videos (up to 15 seconds) or longer clips (up to 60 seconds) that can be viewed in up to 1 million different ways on the app.

Customize your account, and put in the time

You can customize your TikTok account, and put in the time.

First, make sure to use a profile picture that represents you or your company. Your cover photo is where you’ll find more information about yourself, including links to social media accounts and websites.

Next, choose a username that accurately reflects who you are as an individual—and don’t forget to add some hashtags! Finally, add links from other social platforms where people can find out more about what it is that makes them stand out from competition (ehem) – like LinkedIn! And finally…

Establish a voice and tone

Establishing a voice and tone is more than just the name of your business. It’s also about establishing an image that customers can associate with you, which will help you differentiate yourself from other businesses.

In order to establish a voice, think back to when you were younger (or maybe even as an adult). What did people say about how they felt when they heard or saw something? What did they think? How did it make them feel? If someone had said something like “I’m not sure if I like this,” what would’ve happened next? Would there have been some kind of resolution? For example: if someone said “I’m not sure if I like this” before getting into an argument with another person over who was right or wrong in their opinion on whether or not something was good quality material.” That person might try again by saying something like “Well at least we know now!” or “Let’s move on!”

Create an account and a hashtag

  • Create an account: Once you have created a TikTok account, head over to your profile and select “Settings” from the top navigation menu. From here, tap on “Hashtags” and add a hashtag that best describes your business or product. For example, if you are selling coffee cups with logos on them, create a hashtag like #coffeecuplogoed! This will make it easy for people searching through #TikTok to find related content from other users who may have also decided to use this particular tag (and therefore want their content seen by others).
  • Use the hashtag in your content: Now that you’ve created a unique hashtag for yourself, use this in all of your future posts before editing them later on YouTube or Facebook Live videos about what made up their brand’s identity—and how exactly one should wear their favorite color shirt today! You could even include links back at once again where someone can find more information about how great these products really are…just remember not too many times because then everyone else might start using it too which means no one would know what happened anymore anyway?

Focus on your audience and their needs

Before you start building your TikTok channel, it’s important to think about what kind of content you want to create and when. Think about the problems your audience faces and how they’d like them solved. It’s also important to set goals before you start—these will help keep things focused while they’re still in their infancy.

The thing is: even if other people have the same goal as yours (like getting fit), don’t worry about what theirs are! You need to focus on your own personal journey first and foremost, then maybe once or twice a month check in with others who are working toward similar goals as well (but not necessarily doing so at the exact same pace).

Make content that’s unique, funny, or professional — not all three at once.

You can’t be all things to all people. Instead, focus on one thing and do it well. Use humor to attract attention, professionalism to build respect and uniqueness to keep customers loyal.

Here are some examples of content that’s likely to work:

  • An informative video about your business or product in an easy-to-understand format (e.g., “How To Do This”).
  • A funny skit where you show off your sense of humor (e.g., “What I Did On My Day Off”).
  • A slick tutorial with professional graphics that gets right down into the nitty gritty details about how something works—and why it matters for your business (e.g., “How To Take Great Selfies With Your Phone”).

A small business can use TikTok to attract new customers

TikTok is a video-centric social media platform that allows users to create, share and view short-form videos. It’s all about the short format—videos that are less than 60 seconds long. These videos can be shared with others on TikTok or saved to your profile for later viewing. The site also allows you to follow other users who may have similar interests as you do, which makes it easy for businesses or individuals looking for new customers. You can also create customized channels called “channels” where you post daily content from your business’ perspective (for example: “My company is doing great things this week!”).

The best way for small businesses to use TikToyhto attract new customers? By using hashtags! A hashtag is a word followed by letters (e.g., #potato). This means when people search for something related specifically on TikTownthey’ll see posts with these words in their search results instead of just typing them out without any context whatsoever.”


I hope this article has given you a sense of how to use TikTok and the platform’s audience. There are many ways to use TikTok as a medium for marketing and selling products or services, but it all starts with knowing how your audience spends their time on the platform. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


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