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Short Case Study: Naiza Boom Secret Sauce For Growth


If you are from Zimbabwe or you are outside Zimbabwe and you have:

  1. access to Youtube
  2. you understand Shona

Then you probably watched at least an episode from Naiza Boom. If you haven’t then Naiza Boom still had this article written about them.This is not just an article, it is an in-depth case study that was done in-house by Tremhost Marketing to figure out what makes Naiza Boom tick. Tremhost decided to publish the case study to help marketers, content creators and anyone who wants to learn principles for growth in the internet age. We did the hard work for you so that you wouldn’t, however, the information below is based on our research and observations that means that some things may not be accurate. With that said, we believe we did our best to do justice to the case study and compress it for a quick digest.

1.Great Talent. Imagine having an all-star team of Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe… you see where I am going? That team is most likely going to be the team of the decade and the same can be said about Naiza Boom. Naiza Boom Comedy features popular comedian Dhafu (Cathy Chapungu), Jatiwero (Terrence Chirinda), Jedza (Takunda Claude Nyakabau) and Paida (Shyline Chalimba) among others and really this is a very, very talented team. You cannot go wrong with a talented team unless if you try hard to lose. Naiza Boom is where it is today because of the talent it hires/features. The first secret sauce for growth we noticed from Naiza Boom is: hiring/featuring great talent.

2.Content People Can Relate To. Great talent will not take you far if you make crappy content. Fortunately for Naiza Boom, they create content we Zimbabweans relate to- the locations, the language, the sets, dressing; it’s different from Korean Movies. Entertainment hits home when you find yourself saying, “hey I’ve done that!”, “ohh yeah yeah people like that are my neighbors!”. Naiza Boom captures our feelings and experiences and the characters are people who sound, behave and act like the people that are around us. Let credit go where it is due, Naiza Boom is a master of content creation and engagement. Lesson: make things people can relate to, things people will love and you will scale and grow your business.

3.Consistency. If Naiza Boom had 3 videos on their channel then there is no way they would have got to 150K+ subscribers. No way. Naiza Boom knows that people need consistent food (entertainment) and when people starve, they leave. Naiza meets the demands of their audience by pumping out episodes every single day! Pause for a moment…. It is not easy to release content everyday now imagine releasing quality content every single day. Mind Blowing. These guys are on steroids, that is the only explanation for their quality and consistency. Lesson: don’t do something once and expect things to just fall in place. Keep on grinding and eventually things will pick up.

4.Friendly to the Fans. The problem with some content creators once they hit a milestone is that they become overly cocky and plain rude to fans forgetting that the same fans are the ones that got them there. Naiza Boom is different, we haven’t seen a rude comment or insult to a fan. In fact, they thank their fans all the time and this keeps fans happy. We hope this trend continues. Lesson: if you want to get out of business fast then ignore,insult and fight with users/fans/clients. If you want growth then stay friendly to fans, musaganzire maFans.

5.Quality: Don’t be ZBC. None of the above matters if Naiza Boom was shooting videos on a 2008 Gtel phone, the content will be an eye sore. Quality matters, that is why ZBC is pretty much dead- showers every time and who uses analog in this day and age? Geez. There is no doubt that Naiza Boom made investments in their video equipment, even the audio quality is good and that goes a long way. Lesson: you do not need expensive equipment to get started but you need decent equipment that by the least- doesn’t suck. Reasonable quality goes a long way, just start with good equipment then scale from there. Just start in your room then with time get an office. We stand by Naiza Boom and hope they get 4k video quality soon.





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