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At 27 years young what are the top 3 things you can do before you turn 30 to be able to say at 50 I have made it in life?


Age 27: start building small automated businesses that give passive income. Increasingly more each year. Fail in many, succeed in some.

Age 28: find true love. don’t take chances in love. seriously seek, find true love, you know… The one you will marry and know she’s the special unique one who will be with you the rest of your life… Happy together. Have kids, build a home and have a happy joyful meaningful life.

Age 29: maintain and grow the business. Sustain and build the relationship.

Age 50: Kids grow up into their teens and mid twenties happily and without ever worrying about not having enough pocket money while in their youth.

Able to let parents live a comfortable happy life without worry about not having enough retirement money to last their entire lives.

Being able to be together with my wife happily in love, seeing the world together and watching movies, dramas together.

Possible because of our businesses we built for years which is by then fully automated, giving us the privilege of “without worrying that time in work means sacrifice for time in life.”

In my mid thirties, so far so good.

Have extremely harsh falls and also extremely lucky breaks…

No longer the fearless teen who thrives on extreme speed and without a care for sports injuries…

Grew up to be one who prefer safety and be careful not to become injured after realizing the body in it thirties doesn’t recover as fast and well in teens.

Cherish love and family, over infatuation and self centered ambitions. Store enough resources to be able to foot unexpected health expenses and safeguard catastrophes…

To be able to live a life where I have given those I love happiness and in turn given smiles, joy and laughter.

I no longer want to conquer the whole like the wide eye teenager I was. I seek to conquer myself, not to let ego get over my head when success comes and not to let disappointment kill my confidence when disaster strikes.

Endure and life will continue.

Preserve and the frowning black clouds will part for the Sunny smiles to shine again.

Always amazed with life. The more I live it, the more amazing this given time seems to be.


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