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A Simple Way to A Mans Heart

Heart health concept with related foods in white heart shaped bowl. potato red peppers, broccoli, radish, red onion, garlic, dry beans, almonds, nuts, and other legumes were arranged in heart shape plate on blackboard with drawing of pulse trace.

In Zimbabwe there is a vernacular saying that says hukama igasva hunobatinidzwa nekudya which means relationships are hardly complete until you share a meal! it was through this saying that I got to realize that food is actually one of the words with more than one meaning, for example, according to Merriam, food is material consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrates and  fat and according to the oxford dictionary food is any substance that people or animals eat or drink. However, according to my own understanding, food is what brings people together.Sharing Food Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

There is a simple saying that you have probably heard of that says a way to a mans heart is through his stomach. this saying really shows a clear and straight forward way to reaching any persons heart, .whether you are asking for forgiveness or whether you want to please someone so bad the simple way could be through inviting them over for a cup of tea or even for lunch. Inviting someone over for a meal is a simple way of communicating love and through this there is a more relaxed vibe about being at home.100+ People Eating Pictures [HD] | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Food can also make people happier there is a saying that says a hungry man is an angry man so the only way you can make someone happy could be through food. According to the poll, 41 percent say they reach for comfort foods because they bring them happiness, while 39 percent say these types of foods provide them with something to look forward to in these uncertain times. And 33 percent say it offers “stress relief.” other people say that the more food they eat, the more happier, less depressed and more satisfied they are with their lives which is a way that really puts out the way people value their food.100+ People Eating Pictures [HD] | Download Free Images on Unsplash

To conclude, if you are struggling to make people happy or if you ever feel as if people do not appreciate you, consider making a top tier meal for them and trust me there will be a dramatic change in the way people value you and treat you.