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A Plan That Provides Fat Loss From Your Thigh Down to Your Waist?


While I was searching for a good fat loss plan, I came across the Truth about Abs and decided I’d try it, since it met all of the criteria of a good plan:

1. It’s not a fad diet, which are unhealthy for long term weight loss and more importantly cause muscle loss.

2. The carb up’s and protein down’s allow you body to continually burn the fat, all the while it builds muscle.

3. You have a showcases of simple exercises, with accompanying nutritional information, spread over an 11 training session.

4. It provides a progressive plan from beginner to advanced, allowing you to avoid hitting the same plateau that others may have.

5. You get some guidance on the best workouts for your body type (ranging from yoga to cardio)

6. Taken from an actual fat loss expert: a Truth about Abs in particular section gives a number of complimentarysections about how your body works if you stick to what it tells you to do).

I liked that Mike Geary, the author, had released the information to the public. Many believe that information shouldn’t be sold on the Internet without obvious pointers to who did the work.

Mike obviously didn’t just make this up; he’s been in the industry and knows what he’s talking about.

I thought that 5 star reviews were provided to help people who are looking to lose weight effectively, while also maintaining muscle. In this article, I’ll show you the types of dietary plans that my friend used, which produced amazing results.

The Truth about Abs was given the Oprah seal of approval as a program which provides hard core info, not just a program which will produce fat loss.

The nutritional aspect of weight loss involved with this program: I was still quite skeptical about any sort of weight reduction using the Truth about Abs, mainly because of the nutritional aspect.

Knowing the nutritional aspect to this program would ultimately make a man out of me, so I decided to start this program without further ado.

The nutritional aspect of this program is good, but it doesn’t necessarily help you limit your calorie intake. I was quite impressed with the section on nutrition- it covers “good carbs”, which is apparently doom to fail. “Bad carbs” is also covered. Since your body uses carbs to produce energy, and you don’t consume too many carbs, this same energy gets “stuffed” into your body and becomes extra fat.

The solution to this is to eat “good” carbs (dietary sources of fibres) and the energy produced from these carbohydrates is more expendable, helping you reduce your weight and understand how to give your body a lean look. In the same section, Mike Geary explains why low carb and low calorie diets don’t work and how they don’t implement a method to lose weight long-term; nor provide a method to keep the weight off once it’s come off. I was impressed that “bad carbs” were explained in full (if you wish to continue reading worsening conditions!).

So what does this closing statement mean? The Truth about Abs is a good short term solution for weight reduction, which can help you reduce body fat. However, it’s not a fat loss program, nor is it a fitness plan to creating a lean, healthy you. One final word of advice. If you are sincerely looking out for honest and accurate information about fat loss, Health and Fitness, this website might be your best option.


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