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5 Tips For Making Money By Blogging


Many people start blogging because they want to make some money. If you’re one of those people or have never had success making money by blogging, here are 5 quick tips to help!

  1. At Least 5 Posts A Week! – More content generally means you’ll have more visitors. More targeted visitors means you’ll have more ad revenue generating opportunities.
  2. What’s Your Interest? – Blog about something you’re interested in or knowledgeable about. Or tell a story about a project you’re working on. Renovating a house? Write about it! Training for a marathon? Write about it! If you’re not interested in your topic, that’s going to be transparent in your writing.
  3. Writer’s Block? – Use Google’s Keyword Tool and Google Trends to learn what people are searching for and craft your posts around those topics relevant to your blog.
  4. Promote Products You Know About – People would rather read an honest review from someone currently using a product. Or at least try to find a product that is similar to your blog’s overall topic. If you have a blog about being a mom, promote children’s products or companies!
  5. Be Patient! – You’re not going to make money overnight. Keep at it.

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