Month: May 2022

Is Video Assistant Referee (V.A.R) to Blame In The Game Of Football

According to the oxford dictionary, the word blame means the responsibility for doing something badly or even wrongly. The question that comes from this is should we blame video assistant referee for ruining the game of football. We are all aware of the fact that football has always been a game where the referees calls have been final. However, the introduction of video assistant referee (VAR) has influenced this and has been seen by some as trying to ruin the already perfect game of football. In as much as people might say VAR has had a negative influence on the […]

A Simple Way to A Mans Heart

In Zimbabwe there is a vernacular saying that says hukama igasva hunobatinidzwa nekudya which means relationships are hardly complete until you share a meal! it was through this saying that I got to realize that food is actually one of the words with more than one meaning, for example, according to Merriam, food is material consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrates and  fat and according to the oxford dictionary food is any substance that people or animals eat or drink. However, according to my own understanding, food is what brings people together. There is a simple saying that you have […]