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10 Best Cheap Web Hosting ($0.99 to $2.99

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If you’re looking for cheap hosting, there are lots of options out there. In this post, I’ll show you the best ones based on price and features.

1. Tremhost ($0.83)

Tremhost is a good choice for customers who want to host their site on an affordable budget. The service offers basic hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well as the option to upgrade your plan at any time.

Tremhost also provides plenty of support options that allow you to contact their customer service via email, live chat or phone call (they are open 24/7). You can even use their free website builder tool if you need help setting up your website!

2. Bluehost ($2.95/month)

This host is one of the most popular among small businesses, with a wide range of plans available at various price points. You can choose from as low as $2.95/month (the cheapest option) up to $19.95/month for unlimited storage and bandwidth for your website.

It’s also worth noting that Bluehost offers 24/7 support via phone and email as well as live chat on their website.

3. Hostinger ($0.99/month)

  • Hostinger is a great choice for a cheap host.
  • They offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space, a free domain name with every account, and a cpanel included with every account.

4. HostGator Cloud ($2.99/mo)

HostGator Cloud is a great choice if you want to host your site on the cloud. It offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, which means you can create as many sites as you want without worrying about running out of space or bandwidth.

It’s also one of the cheapest options out there ($2.99/month) but it’s not exactly cheap when compared to other web hosting providers like Bluehost or SiteGround (both around $3). If you don’t mind paying extra for higher quality service then this could be an attractive option for your business needs.

5. A2 Hosting ($3.92/mo)

A2 Hosting is a hosting company that provides the following:

  • Free domain name with purchase of hosting plan
  • No setup fees
  • 30 day money back guarantee (subject to certain conditions)

A2 Hosting’s prices are low, but you won’t get much for your money. The company does offer unlimited bandwidth, storage and email accounts for just $3.92 per month! However, there are some drawbacks as well as benefits to this service if you’re looking for something cheap:

6. GreenGeeks ($2.95/month)

GreenGeeks is a good option for people who want a cheap web host. It’s also an environmentally friendly choice, as it offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, meaning they know what they’re doing when it comes to hosting websites and apps.

GreenGeeks is one of the most affordable options on this list at $2.95 per month (with an annual subscription), but it doesn’t come without its drawbacks: limited support options and fewer features than other hosts like Bluehost or Namecheap.

7. DreamHost ($2.59/month)

  • DreamHost is one of the most popular and well-known hosting companies in the industry. It’s been around since 1999 and is owned by DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc., which also owns Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Kung Fu Panda 2.
  • You can count on them for excellent customer service if you have any problems or issues with your account or site.
  • If you’re looking for a no-nonsense web host that won’t break the bank but will still provide you with all the features available at this price point, then DreamHost should be your first choice.

8. SiteGround ($3.95/mo)

SiteGround is a good choice for beginners because it offers a solid set of features, including free SSL certificates and migrations. It also offers domain privacy protection, 24/7 support and more.

SiteGround has been around since 2003 and has built its reputation on providing affordable hosting services to small businesses. The company’s prices are relatively low compared to other providers on this list — at $3.95/month for shared or VPS (virtual private server) hosting plans, you can get started with your website without spending too much money!

9. HostPapa ($3.95)

HostPapa is another good option if you need a lot of space. It offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space, as well as dedicated IP addresses, which can be handy if you have several websites hosted on the same server. The company also has a 30-day money back guarantee (which means that if your website doesn’t work within 30 days of signing up for their service or if it breaks down during that period, they’ll refund your money).

HostPapa has tons of helpful features such as one click installation scripts and automatic updates for PHP versions 5 through 7.

10. InterServer ($0.01 for first month, then $5)

InterServer is an inexpensive web hosting provider that offers a wide range of features and services. The “micro” plan starts at just $0.01 per month, but it’s the only one that doesn’t include many extras like CDN support or more storage space.

If you’re looking for something simple and affordable, this company could be worth checking out as your next host.

You can find cheap hosting for as little as $0.99 a month if you know where to look and what you need from your plan

You can find cheap hosting for as little as $0.99 a month if you know where to look and what you need from your plan.

The best way to find cheap web hosting is by doing some research on the different types of plans available, then finding a provider that has all of the features you need at an affordable price. This will ensure that you have access to fast speeds, easy management tools, and plenty of storage space—all while saving money!


There are many web hosting providers out there that offer affordable plans, but finding the right one can be tricky. We’ve listed our top 10 picks for cheap hosts that will work well for your site and budget. These companies all offer free trials, so you can test them out before committing to any long-term contracts—and we know it’s hard to decide which one is right for you!


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