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Software Company Yaunokwanisa Kuvimba Nayo

Tremhost inobatsira munhu wese kuti awane software, maApps, webhusayiti kana service ipi neyipi yepaInternet zvisinei nekuti iOrganisation here, munhu woga here, iCompany here kana kuti ihurumende.

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Kugadzirirwa Webhusayithi

Wanikwawo PaInternet, uite vatengi vakawanda

Dzidza Zvimwe

Ita maEmails

Ita maEmail akanzi

Ziva Zvimwe

Hoster Webhusayiti Yako

Shandisa service yakachengeteka, inovimbika

Ona Zvimwe

Shandura Mashoko

Shandura Mashoko kuShona neNdebele

Verenga Zvimwe

Chengetedza Webhusayiti Yako

Ita SSL uzvichengetedze


Wanawo Mari

Udza umwe munhu uwane commission

Ita Mari

Gadzirirwa maApps

Tinogadzira maApps anoshanda


Itawo Server

Shandisa Server rako wega

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The Tremhost Effect

How Tremhost is shaping the community

Zim is now catching up with the international community in terms of appreciating technological leverege in business. Fortunately, Tremhost was already competing in the international community. This made it easier for Zimbabweans to get first class web services and cutting edge technology. Each of our plans is a full-featured web hosting solution in its own right. No matter what plan a client chooses, they have the possibility to build a successful online presence quickly, easily and above all - cheaply. Each of the offered hosting packages targets a given group of users and can be upgraded to another package. The quality of all the services offered by Tremhost is guaranteed by our tomorrow's cluster technology, ultra fast and reliable servers, state-of-the-art data center, and dedicated technical web hosting support

Why rely on Tremhost?

"Do not let your competitors find us first, if they do
you will be out of business."

Here is why our users love us!

Powerful products

From simple domains to best-in-class cloud infrastructure, you'll find powerful products tailored to your needs.

24/7/365 support

Local support teams are always there to offer help and advice by live chat, email, support tickets or whatsapp.

Flexible Plans

Get flexibility with monthly or, semi-annual & annual terms. Up/downgrade packages at any time as you see fit.


Our data centers in the US and India deliver data security, the best performance, and georedundancy for you.

No Hidden Fees

All offer information and prices are provided and displayed on the screen before you order.


We treat our users like family. We get fulfilment when we see you unloack your potential.

Our Partners

Some of our partners include...

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